“All Sizzle and No Beef?” – Hiring the Right NJ DWI Lawyer

I just finished meeting with a NJ DWI client, prepping him for a potential trial. The client said to me that when he chose my law firm, he had spoken with other attorneys trying to decide which law firm was best for him. He wanted to know whether I was going to “show him the beef, and not just the sizzle”. I looked quizzically at him, and asked him what that meant.

He told me that when researching my firm and discussing his options with the other lawyers he was interviewing, one lawyer had the nerve to say that the “high-priced lawyers are all sizzle and no beef”. The lawyer went on to say that he could do the same job that the more expensive lawyers do at half the cost.

During the balance of the prep time, we discussed “the beef”. We discussed how I will defend his case at trial, how I will not back down, and how I will fight for him until the very end. That “sizzle” is the beef. When hiring a lawyer, the client must be certain that that lawyer and law firm will follow through on his or her behalf. In other words, the potential client must make sure that the lawyer and law firm will fight all the way and try a case. You may not end up a trial, but you want to make sure that the lawyer you hire is preparing your case as if it will go to trial. That is the best way to assure that your case is prepped properly and fought fully.

The client also said that he was more than willing to pay 100% more to get the lawyer that will fight all the way, and to get the lawyer with the best qualifications. I told my client that the fee was more than other attorneys for a reason. That reason is that it takes a great deal of effort, time, and knowledge to fully investigate and litigate a DWI case in New Jersey. While my fees are higher than most lawyers in the state, I base my fee on the time, effort and knowledge required to do the best job possible in the given circumstance. I don’t believe that a case can be fully prepared and litigated at less than what I charge.

So, when I walk into court with this client to go to trial in his case, not only will he be getting the sizzle, but he will be getting all of the beef. It is that kind of preparation and reputation that results in positive outcomes in cases for my clients.

When he first mentioned the comment to me, I was irritated that another lawyer would stoop to such negative activity to reign in a potential client. It is actually a slanderous statement made by the other lawyer against me and my law firm. However, it’s really a badge of honor to wear. There is no one in the state of New Jersey that shares my firm’s qualifications. Other lawyers, personnel in the court system, and law-enforcement officers seek out opinions from my law firm on DWI related issues. Unfortunately, there will always be those people out there that are looking to topple the leading law firm.

As a potential client, don’t be confused by someone trying to sell you a lower fee or lesser qualifications. Hire the best lawyer and law firm that you can to fight like hell for you.

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