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This is probably not what you would expect to see on a DWI attorney’s blog. As a New Jersey DWI lawyer, I am in no way in favor of drunk driving: I am uncategorically against it.

I would imagine that anyone who views this video will be emotionally moved by the unthinkable consequences of drunk driving. The images in this video, a public service announcement from Australia, are graphic and very unsettling. While my job is to protect the rights of the accused, I also respect the victims of accidents, their families, and all who are affected by such tragedy.

I had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed by Lisa Bloom from CourtTV/truTV about being a DWI lawyer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ms. Bloom is an accomplished attorney and legal commentator, who was present at a national seminar where I was speaking on the Alcotest® breath test machine.

I was asked about why I do what I do in defending DWI cases in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and how I deal with my clients and their cases. I explained that anyone can be arrested for DWI in the simplest of circumstances, and find themself in a huge mess that requires effort and skill to navigate a solution.

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