New National Organization for DUI Lawyers Selects Evan Levow as Its First President

A new national organization for DWI attorneys, the DUI Defense Lawyers’ Association (DUIDLA), has launched, and I am honored to announce that I will serve as the organization’s first president. Along with five other officers, I have the privilege of helping to guide this organization at its birth as we shape it into a national resource providing support and education to DWI lawyers.

DUIDLA is a non-profit bar association, currently headquartered with us in New Jersey. It is in the process of obtaining 501(c)(6) tax-exempt status. The initial group of 15 Directors will serve three-year terms. The other officers and I will each serve for two years. The Directors will meet semi-annually, with the meetings open to all DUIDLA members. Starting next summer, these meetings will take place in conjunction with seminars hosted by DUIDLA.

Our website will soon have an “Education” tab that will allow seminar and training providers to post information about upcoming events. We will use the website, along with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, to keep our members and the public informed about events and activities. One of our top goals is to provide top-notch training for DWI lawyers at all experience levels all over the country.

The DUI Defense Lawyers’ Association Justice Foundation (DUIDLAJF), a separate nonprofit organization operating alongside DUIDLA, will provide scholarships to attorneys, particularly public defenders, who would benefit greatly from our training programs, but who might not be able to attend without assistance. Funding for DUIDLAJF will come from DUIDLA itself, as well as from public and private donations. We are particularly excited and proud to be able to offer educational philanthropy to our colleagues in this manner.

Membership in DUIDLA will be available in multiple forms. In addition to regular and sustaining memberships, we will offer special membership rates for public defenders, law students, lawyers over the age of 70, and “law firm” group discounts for firms who sign up six or more lawyers at once. We set a goal of having at least 100 Founding Members by the time the organization launched, and we succeeded beyond our most optimistic projections. Interest was so great that we had to cap Founding Memberships far earlier than expected. As a result, DUIDLA is launching with more than 150 Founding Members.

One of my first jobs as president will be to appoint State Ambassadors to represent DUIDLA in each state. Up to eight lawyers may serve as Ambassadors in any state, and we welcome nominations. We are very excited about the opportunities DUIDLA presents, not only for education and training to make us all better advocates for our clients, but also to give back to our profession and to those who do so much to defend people’s rights.

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